GPS week rollover problem - GPS reports wrong date

Hi there,
lately I started using iode 3-20221014 on a Galaxy S10e (SM-G970F) and today recognized, when recording a track for example with oruxmaps, the GPS reports a wrong date. All gps-points show a date exactly 1024 weeks in the past. On the web I found reports about the socalled “GPS week rollover problem”, that seems to fit here:, (german),
Does anybody know a solution for this problem?

Thank you! Regards, Michael

Can anybody at least confirm this problem on a Galaxy S10e?
The device is not in the list of affected devices and was released only one mounth before the last GPS week number rollover in April 2019.
It can be easily checked for example with the app GPSTest on f-droid.

How? How can i see the date in there?

Thank you for checking on that! If you have the app installed and start it, it shows the status screen with the time on top on the right side. If it is red, it is not correct. If you klick on the red time, it shows more information.

Meanwhile I found out, that it might be possible to upgrade the firmware of the device. I will give that one a try and will report what happened.

That’s on my Mi10 lite.
I know, it is not Samsung, but i just want to test and see it.

I think you will get more and faster help if you also ask in one of the community channels: Telegram or Matrix.
More activity there then here.

Ok, thanks for the advice. I will give the firmwareupdate a try and if it doesn’t help I will check up on matrix.

Although we do not always answer reactively, we always keep an eye on the forums to catch critical events. We should test that GPS problem today, although I’m not sure that we’ll be able to replicate: if it was a widespread problem, we would already have heard about it. However, an outdated firmware might explain: so please keep us informed after your update.

Yes, I will post the further progress here. Thank you for the feedback!

Firmware update worked fine, my phone is running version G970FXXSGHVI1 now. But that didn’t solve the problem as hoped.

I also have have a Galaxy S10e and don’t have such a problem. GPS seems to work fine.