[FP4] Fixed Framerate? | OpenCamera


First off, really nice job on this ROM, been using CM/LOS for over 10 years, and this is the first time I’ve not installed AdAway first thing - really nice out of the box experience with iode c:

I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a true fixed frame rate with OpenCamera, in general, but also specifically on the FairPhone 4. There’s some info on supported frame rates in a comment here suggesting that OpenCamera uses the frame rate ranges from Camera2 Api rather than the ones that are say [25, 25] or [30, 30].

I prefer to use as much manual modes as possible since I will be editing the video in an NLE later. Setting exposure by just pointing somewhere and locking it is a nice compromise to being able to set the ISO to anywhere in the full range or setting the shutter speed myself, but not having the ability to actually get the frame rate I set it to is really annoying for editing. Variable frame rate makes for an extra step where I have to transcode the footage to an editing friendly format, and in some scenarios leaves artifacts like ghosting if the subject moves when the transcoding splices in another frame.

This is not just an issue with OpenCamera btw, I had the same issue on stock with the original gcam, and I see iPhone users complain about the same issue in the editing forums and telegram groups I frequent.