Ecran bloqué sur le logo Iodé après mise à jour vers 2.9

Je viens de faire la mise à jour rendue dispo aujourd’hui sur mon Galaxy S9, de mémoire de 2.5 vers 2.9 je suis pas trop sur de la version d’origine)
A la fin de la mise à jour le téléphone redémarre et reste bloqué sur le logo Iodé et je ne peux rien faire, à part redémarrer avec power + volume bas, mais je reviens sur le même écran.
Quelqu’un aurait il une solution ?
Merci d’avance !

Veuillez consulter ce lien (en anglais)

Ok thanks for your answer.
I will follow this differents thread to see how it’s tunrning, because right now it seems pretty complicated for the casual user I am.
All I see is that there’s a great chance for not recovering the datas, and i’ll have to reinstall manually the new version. Never done that before.

Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

Just managed to reinstall iodé 3.5, but didn’t get data back (appeared top be crypted)
Hopefully last month I learnt a bit about VM and Linux, if i did not, I would not have been able to do that.

I regret that there’s no clear explaination for casual users (maybe it’s on the way hopefully), because i thought it was one of the strengh of iodé, being accessible to casual users, and i recommanded it to some friends for that reason and now I regret it.

I hope clear tutorials will be made shortly (by Iodé or the community) to help people with this problem.

For me, I will still use Iodé for now beacause I like the interface, but i will look closely about /e/os, wich seems more stable and has a larger community.

First is wrong, second is right

Tell me more about that, i’m curious :slight_smile:

Theres nothing to tell, except that iodeOS is very stable and more actual then /e/OS. From kind of view the firmware and the apps.

But everybody can choose whatever she/he wants.
No hatespeech about other ROMs

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