Does iodeOS perform better or worse on Fairphone 4

Last time when I used Caynogenmod (which is what LineageOS is based on and which is what iodeOS is based on) on my galaxy S3, I noticed it was slower compared to using what samsung has provided for the phone, especially during boot up it was very slow. And even when the OS has booted up, you would wait for a very long time before doing anything.

I wanted to make sure this isn’t the same issue at all with the fairphone 4 and I wanted to know what the performance is like when using Fairphone 4 OS vs iodeOS on fairphone 4 before purchasing the device and using iodeOS.

Additional question, does the battery last longer or less on Fairphone 4 OS vs iodeOS on Fairphone 4?

Booting time is similar the same
Battery performance is much better on iodéOS

That’s quite good to know mate :slight_smile:

WHat about general performance though?

i had a better feeling with iodé instead of stock FPOS
But i didn’t use FPOS for long time

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