Difference between iodéOS 4.3 and 2 in terms of functionality

Hello everyone,
What is the difference between iodéOS 4.3 and 2 in terms of functionality?
Will the version 2 have fewer features and be less secure than version 4?
I am currently looking into iodé, CalyxOS, and eOS.

All good
Different android versions

You mean the sames apps with the sames versions but only the layer beneath (android) is different ?

iodé OS major version numbers relate to Android release numbers, so iodé 2.x = Android 11, 3.x = Android 12, 4.x =Android 13.

The iodé experience and system security should be broadly similar across the device range available but obviously there will be differences relating to the Android version and the actual device itself.

If you were considering FP4 as a device the current android security patch level of the latest build available for installation, 4.1, is March.