Cannot update iodeOS (FP4)

I tried to update from 2.3 to 2.4, the download and everything worked fine but when I hit restart my phone just reboots back into iode 2.3.


Yes but the update is now availavle for download and everything works fine until I hit reboot and end up being back in iode 2.3.

Have locked or unlocked your bootloader?

Indeed: if you relocked your bootloader prior to this update, you must unlock it again to flash a new version of the AVB custom key, as explained here.

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Is there some way for me to keep my data?

Yes, if you bootloader is unlocked
No, if your bootloader is locked

But you can backup most of the apps and settings with seedvault

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Will try this , thanks for your help

To be able to restore the data during setup process it is always better to have the backup on USB stick then in nextcloud. Just a tip :wink:

Means, you can restore data as part of the iodes setup process. You don’t have to do it after the setup.