Camera patch, monthly security updates (Android, kernel, firmware), A13 via OTA with closed bootloader?

I have a few current questions about FP4:

  1. LOS has adopted the camera patch (bypassing the SYSTEM_CAMERA permission check) from CalyxOS. Will it also be adopted in iodéOS?
  2. Recently, fortunately, the updates have been coming every month. Will it remain the case that Android updates for the FP4 and all other devices now come every month instead of every 2 months?
  3. Official LOS has finally been released for the FP4. The official LOS 20 will receive monthly security updates for Android and the Linux kernel, and as soon as finally available from Fairphone for the firmware (baseband, bootloader, drivers). Once iodé 4 stable comes out, will all security updates from LOS always be adopted promptly since iodéOS is based on LOS?
  4. Will it be possible to upgrade to A13 via OTA for FP4? Will this be possible safely with a closed bootloader?
  1. Yes
  2. This not planned yet. We will provide official upgrades at least every two months though. If you want more frequent updates, you should join the beta group. The betas versions are nearly as stable as official upgrades. Critical problems, if any, are fixed promptly. Maybe some beta testers could give their feeling?
  3. The OTA upgrades always include latest LineageOS state. On FP4, it includes firmware.
  4. Yes. The upgrade went smoothly in the beta version.
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100% agree in all points

Thank you for the quick and detailed answers! :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. A pity, Antoine had already written something on this topic in April 2021 and I had hoped that the time had come now. But OK, let’s wait and see.
    (Even if the betas are mostly OK, I’d rather use stable to be on the safe side. But thanks for the hint!)