Bootloop warning: Don't install latest iodéOS update for FP3 (

Hello all :slight_smile:

Don’t install the latest iodéOS update for FP3 ( - it causes an endless boot loop!
Is there no quality control before an update is deployed? We now have two FP3’s that are currently unusable.
They constantly reboot after about 20 seconds. We need our 2FA apps on our Fairphonhes to work. It’s so frustrating right now.

Thats really sad, but you choosed to use a beta.
If you need you phone for work, you shouldnt use a beta.
One part of quality control is the beta program, to find last issues by community.
It should be clear for everyone, using a beta, that it can brick the phone. In worst case…

Unfortunately it’s not a beta, but the official release which has just been withdrawn for FP3.
We are investigating the problem, and are sorry for the inconvenience.

No, I did not choose the beta version, but downloaded the final version. Otherwise I would not complain :wink:

Thanks alot!
I have an adb logcat (normal and safe mode) if this helps you…

Yes this may help: you can post them here or pm to me.

I saw this version only in beta repo. My fault, sorry

But, if it is withdrawn, how can it be available via OTA?
Or did you do a manually installation.

And, sorry again

This build has been officially released today… (just withdrawned from beta repo too)

I am not yet able to send PMs so here are the logcats:

A hotfix build has been pushed for FP3. It can be sideloaded for devices trapped in a bootloop, and all data should be recovered. Sorry again for that issue. Our control quality probably has flaws, but we are sometimes reactive :wink:


oh thanks, that was really fast!
our phones are usable again :slight_smile:

What was the reason for the bootloop?

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To be honest, that build was broken for an unknown exact reason: some files were missing, maybe there were badly compiled stuff. This happens sometimes, and can be due to bugs or unplanned special cases in the build engine (for example residues of previous compilations that are not handled correctly), or even hardware errors (memory corruption, …). This should have been detected during the beta testing phase. There have been an incremental series of beta builds with little modifications, and it is very rare that something gets broken in the last steps. But this unfortunately demonstrates that it can happen, and we must enforce our controls.

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