Bluetooth LE broken

Just updated to Iodé 4.1 but now my BLE devices won’t work with my fitness tracking app at all. Is this a known issue?

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I opened an issue here but no response for now

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We’ll try to fix that issue if possible.

What is the status on this? I’ll need to go back to the older version if it will take a while, how can I go back to the previous version?

It is an AOSP bug, see here: Google Issue Tracker
Apparently some peripheral vendors implemented workarounds: Polar H10 firmware update 3.2.0 – Android 13 fix | Polar Global
So maybe a firmware update of your device could solve the issue, or we’ll have to wait for an AOSP fix.

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Same issue on my side with a s9 plus device and XOSS G+ bike counter.

How do I update the firmware?

Same for me, S9+, Hydrao shower head.
As an Iot engineer I may test my other devices at work if requested.

So is any fix for this coming? I can’t connect to my car charger… Fortunately I have another phone with stock android but this doesn’t look like an issue that can be left unfixed for months. I

I also have this Problem with multiple BLE devices, and would really like a fix

It was fixed in 4.2

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I just upgraded to Iode 4.2 and can confirm that BLE is working now, Garmin watch connects… .