Battery consumption FP3/iodé 2.1

Hi there,

I am using iodé 2.1 on my FP3 for about 5 days now. I really like it so far, with one big exception: the battery consumption.
My background: I am coming from LineageOS4microG 18.1 (Android 11). I have configured my phone the way I configured LOS before. I have the same apps (in fact, I even have fewer apps as I add them whenever I need a specific app). I configured the apps like in LOS (I optimized the same apps for battery consumption). So I guess, I should have the same or lower battery consumption as with LOS. But in fact, the battery consumption is ways higher. During the night (BT on, mobile data and WiFi off) I lose about 25 or 30%, while with LOS I lost about 5-7%. The battery consumption is even higher during the time I have mobile data and/or WiFi enabled.
Is there any known issue, any idea what might cause this excessive batrery consumption?

Hi Juri,

i am using an old Galaxy S9. However I reply to this thread as I somehow have the same “feeling” since the 2.1 update. I can not quantify it as you in regards of how much drainage through the night etc,however I usually got through the day with my S9…now…I can’t.
One thing I can say for sure is, the phone (battery) seems to get much warmer when playing podcast or music services. This was not before.
Sure,it can be apps…but that I did check and there was no obvious background activity that is different from before.

Thus maybe it is a feeling but maybe more have made this experience and it is an issues somehow.


How did you check this? Did you use the battery usage statistics of the settings? Or do you check it more thoroughly by another app? If there is a more detailed tool than the statistics, I could check what is going on on my device, too.

I used the internal battery consumption results. I started “checking” them since I move to iode about 9 month ago. It was purely out of interest at first and noch I check it every other week because of habit:)
Sure it is not bullet proof but at least an indication.
The heat of the battery though is something I can feel daily meanwhile.


After some time, the problems disappeared.
I suspect it has something to do with the SD-card. After every reboot/boot I had to open the files-app and navigate to my SD-card, otherwise Signal would inform me that it couldn’t perform a backup. It seemed to be not mounted correctly after boot. It is not configured as internal storage.
For some time now the problems with the SD-card are (magically) gone as well as the excessive battery consumption.