Account login on broken?

It seems that the account login function on is broken in some way (tried different browsers, no ad-blockers etc.). This is also the case when you want to sign up for premium, the login link does not open anything. Could be a user error, help would be appreciated.

Edit: both de/en


I’m able to login
brave / linux
just tested it rhíght now

There are some posts regarding this last summer. For most everything was fine, not for some.
I still have the problem with the premium account, despite several email exchanges with the iode team. I may recontact them.

+1 here
Just got a Premium subscription and from yesterday , no way to get in.

Any suggestion ?


Are you having issues connecting to your account on or on iodé’s app?
What error message do you have when trying to connect?

It was iodeapp.
Today is ok.
I wonder if I was not giving the wrong passwd :smirk:

en touts cas, merci